Unit 2 Discussion & Resources
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Unit 2



  1. What are the hidden assumptions on which these national stereotypes are based?

Heaven is where the cooks are French, the police are British, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian and everything is organized by the Swiss.

Hell is where the cooks are British, the police are German, the mechanics are French, the lovers are Swiss, and everything is organized by the Italians.


Source: http://www.nationalstereotype.com/you-are-not-your-country-top-10-national-stereotypes/

  1. Have you ever been stereotyped because of the city you grew up in, the sign of the zodiac sign you were born under, the birth order you have among your siblings, or any of your traits? Have you ever stereotyped others for the same reasons?
  2. When is it okay to stereotype? When is it not okay to stereotype? Describe a few specific situations for each and explain why.
  3. The host of the 88th Academy Awards, Chris Rock, made a comment alluding to the stereotypes of Asian-Americans. What were the stereotypes? How did the general public respond to his jokes? How appropriate do you think the stereotypes were? Refer to #1.a, #1.b, and #1.c in the Resources section if necessary.
  4. Do you know how Barack Obama and Donald Trump see women? Watch #2 in the Resources section to find out. Based on their views of women, how do you think they might see men?


  1. Chris Rock’s jokes about Asian Americans
    The following three resources contain footage of Chris Rock’s jokes about Asian-Americans during the 88th Academy Awards ceremony, and criticisms from the general public on social media.
    1. Oscars 2016: Host Chris Rock rapped over Asian-American 'joke'
      This video contains an excerpt (0’00” ~ 0’30) of Chris Rock’s jokes during the ceremony.
    2. Chris Rock criticized after Asian joke at Oscars
      This video (0’00” ~ 1’53”) presents a news anchor interviewing an Asian-American journalist regarding his view of Chris Rock’s jokes.
    3. People Aren’t Happy With Chris Rock’s Asian Joke At The Academy Awards
      This link provides both a short video clip of the scenes during the ceremony and written comments on Chris Rock’s jokes from many tweeters.
  2. Donald Trump vs Barack Obama: Talking About Women
    This video clip presents how Barack Obama and Donald Trump, in various contexts, talk about women and how they view women in general.
  1. The Origins of Stereotypes
    This article presents alternative approaches for understanding the origins of stereotypes, proposed by three scholars at a conference symposium.
  2. Stereotypes and Prejudices
    This article argues that stereotyping often results from, and leads to, prejudice and bigotry. Unchecked prejudice can lead to discrimination, violence, and, in extreme cases, genocide.