Unit 5 Discussion & Resources
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guanlin (guanlin)2017-08-23

Unit 5

Nonverbal Communication


  1. What are some hand gestures commonly used in your own country? What do these gestures mean? Do they have the same meaning in other countries? (Watch #1 in the Resource section for more information.)
  2. If you know any person from another culture who wouldn't mind being interviewed by you, find out about whether he/she has experienced personal space differently in his/her own country and in Taiwan. If you do not, research how people have experienced this in a cross-cultural context . Report your findings to your classmates. (You may refer to #2 in the Resource section.) 
  3. Watch #3 in the Resource section to learn about how different cultures view time differently. Think of time-related phrases and proverbs from your own culture and explain them in English. How do you think people from other cultures may agree or disagree with these time-related concepts?
  4. Search on the Internet for some tips about non-verbal communication. Among the tips offered, which do you consider to be more useful? Why? (#4 in the Resource section may help.)



  1. American Hand Gestures in Different Cultures - 7 Ways to Get Yourself in Trouble Abroad
    This video clip shows how some common American hand gestures are interpreted differently in other cultures. Not knowing this information may cause trouble in cross-cultural communication.
  2. Cultural Proxemics: Personal Space
    This video clip explains that people determine personal space culturally; therefore, acceptable distance varies widely from culture to culture. 
  3. How Different Cultures Tell Time - Sana Reynolds
    In this video, you will learn how people from different cultures view time differently.
  4. Top 10 Nonverbal Communication Tips
    This article offers you tips on how to improve your non-verbal communication skills cross-culturally.