Unit 6 Discussion & Resources
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guanlin (guanlin)2017-08-23

Unit 6



  1. How does globalization affect your life? Give examples from your own experience to support your opinion. (You can refer to #1.a to review the definition of globalization.)
  2. Find out the impact of Disney movies on global culture using #1.c, #1.d and #1.e in the Resources section. What is your own opinion on this issue? Use examples of how Disney movies might impact Taiwanese culture(s) to support your points.
  3. Choose one international brand and research how it has gone local (been glocalized) in Taiwan, either successfully or unsuccessfully. Describe its relevant strategies with concrete examples.
  4. Is globalization really irreversible? Can local cultures resist dominant cultures? Give examples to support your opinion.



  1. Globalization
    1. Globalization easily explained (explainity® explainer video)
      This video explains the basic concepts of globalization and describes its potential impact both locally and globally.
    2. Globalization of Starbucks
      This video examines how Starbucks expanded from a small coffeehouse in Seattle, Washington, to the largest coffeehouse company in the world.
    3. 5 life lessons from Disney movies
      This blog post discusses five inspiring life lessons that children can learn from Disney movies.
    4. Can Disney cartoons make your child nicer?
      This article introduces a study on the possible influence of Disney movies upon children’s social behavior.
    5. How dangerous is Disney? Impact of Disney movies on global culture
      This video lists numerous negative aspects of the Disney company worldwid
  2. Glocalization
    1. What is Glocalization?
      In this short interview, Professor Andy Molinsky of Brandeis University explains what glocalization means, with examples.
    2. McDonald’s Global and Local Strategy: Examples of Food in McDonald’s and KFC that goes local
      This video explores why McDonald’s resorts to local strategies in addition to its clear global strategy.
    3. Defining a localization strategy: How do logos fit into your global plans?
      This article examines the importance of company logo designs in glocalization.
  3. The issue of outsourcing according to the Simpsons cartoon
    1. From the employer’s perspective
      This Simpsons cartoon presents the issue of outsourcing from the employer’s perspective.
    2. From the employee’s perspective
      This Simpsons cartoon presents the issue of outsourcing from the employee’s perspective.