Unit 4 Discussion & Resources
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guanlin (guanlin)2017-08-31

Unit 4

PC Language


  1. In the video lecture, the lecturer asks whether people should ban the use of words such as black coffee and blackboard. What’s your opinion on this?
  2. The following are some politically correct terms in English. Guess the meaning of each expression, and then discuss the possible reason for its use. You can refer to #1 in the Resource section for further information.
    1. Person of color
    2. Emotionally different
    3. Fisher
    4. Snow person
    5. Person of size
    6. Domestic engineer
  3. Some people argue that political correctness is censorship and endangers free speech. What’s your opinion on this?
  4. Have you ever watched the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry? The Internet giant, Amazon, has put a racist warning on the cartoon because Tom and Jerry’s housemaid, Mammy Two Shoes, is black. What’s your opinion on this? You can refer to #2.a and #2.b in the Resource section to learn more about this issue.
  5. Search the Internet for some tips about political correctness. How useful do you think the tips are? Choose a tip that you think is particularly helpful and explain it to your classmates. (#3 in the Resource section may help.)



  1. Politically Correct Dictionary
    This website introduces a list of words that are considered politically correct in American society.
  2. Racist Warning on the Tom and Jerry Cartoons
    1. Why Tom And Jerry Now Comes With A Racism Warning
      This article explains why Tom and Jerry comes with a racist warning.
    2. Tom and Jerry - Introduction by Whoopi Goldberg
      In this video, Whoopi Goldberg, a famous American actress and television host, expresses her opinion about the character of Mammy Two Shoes.
  3. How to be Politically Correct
    This article offers several tips on how to be politically correct in our daily life.